2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Need some inspiration for gifting for your loved ones this Christmas?

We have made things easy for you by creating the ultimate gift guide!


Stocking Fillers

  • Hair mask – who’s hair doesn’t need an extra bit of TLC? There is a hair mask to suit everyone! Our favourites are the Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Mask, Eleven Miracle Hair Mask and the NAK - Ultimate Treatment - 60 Second Repair
  • Belle Brush – for the person who has everything why not gift them a luxury hairbrush that they will use everyday! The bestselling Original Belle Brush also comes in mini form, The Baby Belle and for those blowdry lovers there is a round Belle Blowdry Brush in any size you can imagine


  • Oil – if you don’t use an oil regularly on your hair you are missing out! Using a hair oil on your dry hair daily massively increases the hydration and softness of your hair, just use on the mid lengths and ends to avoid any oiliness at the roots! We love the Moroccanoil Treatment , Kevin Murphys YOUNG.AGAIN and Eleven Australia Smooth & Shine Anti Frizz Serum



Gifts under €60

At this time of year every brand have gift sets out which have great savings, below we have narrowed it down for you for each hair type

  • Repair – for any blondes in your life they will thank you for this gift , as continued use of bleach on the hair can weaken the follicles. The Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Gift Set contains a shampoo, mask and oil while the KEVIN.MURPHY VELVET FIX ME UP Gift Set contains a shampoo, conditioner and dry conditioner spray.


  • Moisture – a moisture set is a safe bet for anyone as it will suit all hair types. The Eleven Australia Hydrate Trio contains a shampoo, conditioner and a leave in miracle spray which contains 11 benefits that your hair will love. This kit is flying out the shelves this year and it is the KEVIN.MURPHY THE WAY YOUNG LOVERS DOO, it contains a shampoo, conditioner and oil that is super hydrating.


  • Volume – for those with finer hair this is a lovely present to give their hair an extra oomph. The Eleven Australia Volume Trio contains not only a lightweight shampoo and conditioner but comes with a backcombing powder that we swear by in the salon! An alternative to a hair product gift set for fine hair is the The Belle Brush - The Belle Blowdry Collection, which contains a medium and large round barelled brush and a flexible backcomb brush.


  • Smooth – those of us with coarse and frizzy hair need to add lots of moisture and smoothening products to tame it, this year the Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Smooth Gift Set contains a shampoo, mask and leave in oil and the Eleven Australia Smooth Trio contains a shampoo, conditioner  and leave in frizz control cream.


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