Hair Transformations

It is important as a client to know what to ask for when booking in so that our stylists can allocate the time required for the service.
It is necessary to have an in-dept consultation with us so we can make a plan for your hair and discuss a realistic and desirable result.
There are many differences between a transformation and other colour services such as highlights or balayage.
A transformation is a complete change in the colour of the hair. Whether that be starting from virgin hair, a change from one colour to the other or a colour correction to transform the hair from an unwanted colour to a new tone or base to achieve a desired result.
A transformation service will require more time and product to achieve your desired look. This will result in a more expensive service. The stylist will give a realistic guideline of how achievable the desired result is. Realistic expectations are important especially when booking in for a service such as a colour correction.
Regular services such as highlights or balayage are not a colour transformation. They are a refresh or top up when the base colour is already there or to create a subtle result when starting from virgin hair.
Highlights are a woven technique which will result in a natural effect through the hair.
Balayage will create a much more natural, blended, sun kissed look. Balayage technique is to add highlight and dept to the hair. This will not completely transform the hair and can take multiple appointments to achieve an extremely highlighted look. Balayage is used to achieve a low maintenance style however toners are required every 6-8 weeks to eliminate any brassiness or unwanted tones that will show through.
Transformation colours can require more maintenance to eliminate roots or unwanted tones as these can show up much quicker because of the huge change in colour - Rachael Hughes Senior Belle Colourist

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