Environmental effects on your hair.

Environmental effects on your hair.

Most people aren’t aware that the water in our taps is having a major effect on our own hair and those who wear hair extensions. It has become a huge concern especially from our experience of those who are living in the West of Ireland, and especially in Galway. Most people will blame their products or quality of their hair extensions if they are not educated on the real causes which cause hair to become knotty, dry and dull.

What is it?

Hard water also known as limescale is the cause of all of this! It is not visible in the water in our pipes but leaves a residue behind that looks chalky in appearance. For those who wear hair extensions, it is visible in the beads when they take on a green colour, and in extreme cases it can cause a green colour in the hair especially for blondes.

If you feel like your hair has some of the following signs, you could be effected by this.

– Hair tangles and knots easily

– It never feels like you have properly washed out your shampoo and conditioner no matter how long you rinse for

– Hair feels very dry and is prone to breaking

– The colour looks dull and fades quickly

– Hair begins to appear an orangey pink colour or green

– For extension wearers, it causes their build up to become quite tight and hard, and a wash and blow-dry maybe be advised during removals or reapplication

If these all sound very familiar don’t despair, we are all in the same boat and there is some solutions to help with this problem!

– If your hair is feeling like there is a lot of product build up, try a clarifying shampoo. It is like an exfoliator for your hair and gives it a good scrub! Only use this now and again as it is not a nourishing product.

– Change your shower head. Now we cant recommend a particular brand as there are 1000’s on the market and all really do the same job! Just be careful as if you are using the alternative shower head with an electric shower it could burn out the motor so do your research.

– Install a whole house ion-exchange resin water softener. This is the most expensive option but it removes 100% of limescale from your water.

When you’re on holidays, you tend to become more relaxed about protecting your hair as your enjoying yourself in the sunshine and jumping in and out of the water! However, it is usually when you get home you will notice some of the damaging effects.

Chlorine – The effect of being in the pool all day can cause your hair to become very brittle and even change colour. The solution? After swimming use a clarifying shampoo as mentioned above or pop a conditioning mask in to keep the hairs integrity intact.

UV Rays – Lying out in the sun all day can cause it to become dull and lifeless as the hair proteins are literally being burnt away. It can also cause the hair to become lightened. The solution? Wear a big floppy hat if sunbathing for the day is on your agenda and apply a hair treatment.

Sun cream – Try and avoid spraying sun cream on your extensions as this will cause a chemical reaction with the hair due to its processing and can lead to a patchy pink and orange hue in the hair. The solution? There is no major solution other then to avoid spraying it directly on the hair, but do be aware of this when going on your holidays.

If by the end of this you are having a major panic do not worry! We are here in the salon six days a week and are happy to help you solve any of these problems 🙂

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