Act + Acre 3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment

  • €122,00

A pro-aging, peptide rich daily scalp treatment.

Powered by H3-Grow+ Complex™, this intensive daily scalp treatment supports scalp health in the advanced stages of hair loss to promote thicker + fuller looking hair.

+ Increases the look of hair density
+ Boosts hair volume
+ Invigorates scalp + fortifies hair follicle


Consumer Testing:

86% agree Stem Cell System improved hair growth
94% agree treatment stimulated scalp
82% agree treatment improved hair growth
81% agree treatment made hair look + feel healthier

Scalp Science

The human hair follicle contains stem cells that support hair growth and overall follicle function. As we age, these stem cells can be depleted by oxidative stress, hormonal imbalances, product build-up, and environmental aggressors. This leads to a shortening of the hair growth phase, causing the hair to shed more quickly and the hair follicle to shrink, ultimately producing thinner and more fragile hair.

Our 3% Stem Cell Peptide Scalp Treatment is formulated with clinically proven ingredients, such as botanical stem cells, peptides, + antioxidants, which optimize hair follicle function, and support hair health from the root.


Can I apply the treatment to dry hair?

For optimal results, we recommend applying the spray after cleansing, or on a damp scalp as a leave-in treatment.

Does the treatment leave your scalp and hair greasy or oily?

No. This is a lightweight, nongreasy spray treatment that fully absorbs into the scalp once massaged in. Only 1-2 pumps are needed per section of application.

What is the difference between the 3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment spray and the Stem Cell Scalp Serum?

The Stem Cell™ Scalp Serum is a lightweight daily serum to support overall scalp health, creating a healthy environment for hair follicles. The 3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment™ is an intensive daily treatment formulated to fortify and optimize the hair follicle to increase the look and feel of hair density.