Act + Acre Cold Pressed Scalp Detox - 89ml

  • €50,00

Best Selling Scalp Treatment

A 20-minute pre-wash oil formulated with 1.28% Baobab Oil that breaks down build-up, sweat, and other impurities while intensely moisturizing to relieve dry scalp.

+ Breaks down excess sebum + build-up
+ Restores the moisture barrier reducing dryness and itch
+ Supports the microbiome to alleviate scalp sensitivity


Why You Need This
Real User Results

Consumer Testing
89%agree scalp felt less dry†
89%said scalp was less itchy†
90%said they noticed less flaking†
95%saw build-up removed after 1 use†
† In a 4-week consumer-perception study of 198 women with all hair types, after 1 use. 

What is the difference between Scalp Detox and the Salicylic Acid Scalp Exfoliator?

The Scalp Detox gently removes build-up, balances the scalp, and provides deep hydration and nutrients to the scalp. The Salicylic Acid Scalp Exfoliator provides deeper exfoliation with salicylic acid, balancing oil for those who have oily and dry scalp. The Renew comes with soothing peppermint oil that works to calm down inflammation.

How much product should be applied to the scalp?

Each section of the scalp only needs a few drops. The bottle is designed to slowly release a few drops of oil at a time, without squeezing the sides. The oil will spread easily across the entire scalp once massaged.

How often should Scalp Detox be used, and for how long?

Scalp Detox is a weekly pre-cleanse treatment. Leave it in for 20 minutes and follow with a thorough cleanse. Our favorite way to apply Scalp Detox is with the Scalp Gua Sha, which increases product absorption and shortens the treatment time to 10 minutes. Alternatively, many of our customers love to leave it in for longer or even overnight—it is completely safe to do so!