Act + Acre Fulvic Acid Volumizing Dry Shampoo - 17g

  • €28,00

Aerosol + Benzene Free Dry Shampoo

A plant based dry shampoo that absorbs oil without contributing to excess product build-up on the scalp. The-nutrient rich formula delivers over 65 minerals to the hair follicle to support the scalp microbiome.

+ Absorbs excess oil + neutralizes odor
+ Adds volume without residue
+ Supports the scalp microbiome to reduce scalp itch.


Does Plant Based Dry Shampoo leave a white cast?

No. The rice and tapioca powders appear white at first but turn colorless once applied, making it suitable for all hair colors.

With any dry shampoo, it’s best to work the powder in with your fingers or a brush. Blasting the roots with cool air also helps to evenly disperse and get an extra boost of volume.

Does Plant Based Dry Shampoo have a fragrance?

No. We chose to create an unscented formula as perfumes and artificial fragrances can be irritating to the scalp. However, the rice and tapioca powders will naturally help to neutralize odors.

How long will a bottle of Plant Based Dry Shampoo last?

Typically 3-4 months, depending on hair type, lifestyle, and routine. In the absence of unnecessary and irritating additives (e.g., aerosols, alcohols), the bottle may appear smaller. However, the formulation of just 6 functional ingredients effectively absorbs excess residue, adds lift and texture, and most importantly, protects the scalp health.