Act + Acre Hair Cleanse - 296ml

  • €34,00

Nutrient-rich scalp and hair shampoo formulated with 2% Apple Amino Acids that works to gently remove residue and balance scalp to optimize hair follicle health for visibly fuller, shinier, + healthier hair.

+ Gently breaks down dirt, oil + pollution from scalp + hair follicle roots
+ Replenishes vital nutrients to support a healthy scalp microbiome
+ Restores hydration levels of the scalp
+ Improves shine + health of hair

User Proven Results*:
+ 89% agrees cleanse gently cleansed their scalp
+ 95% of buildup removed after one use


Why doesn't the Cleanse Shampoo foam?

The Cleanse Shampoo is a creamy, concentrated blend of nutrients. It needs to be activated by mixing water in your hands to create a silky lather before applying it to the scalp. The more you can work up a lather, the better it will cleanse.

How often should I use the Cleanse Shampoo?

Whatever feels right for you. Contrary to popular belief, it’s healthier to cleanse your scalp more often than not, but only if using gentle products that won't strip essential moisture, color, or chemical processing. Cleansing every 1-2 days is ideal for most hair types; however, our Cleanse Shampoo was designed to suit any lifestyle and routine, so you can safely cleanse as often as you want or need.