Act + Acre Micobiome Cooling Scalp Serum - 65ml

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  • €70,00

Relief in 30 Seconds. Results in 30 Days.

Powered by our Amino M³ Complex™, this daily cooling scalp serum balances the scalp microbiome to soothe dry scalp itch + reduce loose dandruff flakes.

+ Relieves dry scalp itch in 30 seconds
+ Reduces loose flakes + scales
+ Relieves + prevents scalp sensitivity + discomfort


A healthy scalp microbiome acts as the primary defense against sensitive scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. By ensuring a balanced scalp microbiome and preventing the dominance of harmful microbiota, we strengthen the scalp natural ability to fend off irritation, itching, and sensitive scalp conditions.

Our trichologist-developed serum employs a two-tiered defense strategy to keep the scalp healthy and balanced. The first line of defense utilizes peppermint oil (0.25%) to instantly cool and soothe the scalp while providing relief. The second line of defense combines amino acids with a blend of Grape, Ginger, and Frankincense (5%), which have been clinically proven by the ingredient house to purify and restore microbiota balance, safeguarding the scalp against long-term sensitive scalp conditions. ††