Day To Night Gift Set

  • €45,00

The Day To Night Gift Set is the ultimate gift.


Use your Belle Brush Original in the morning for your day time blowdry, then use our brand new and exclusive Belle Backcomb to add height and volume to transition to the perfect night time look in seconds. Finally, pop your Baby Belle in your bag for quick touch ups during the night!


The Backcomb Belle is the perfect brush to backcomb your hair. Achieve height and volume with our carefully designed double length bridles with 5 lines of teeth meaning you achieve ultimate volume and height without breakage.

The Backcomb Belle, unlike other back combing brushes uses flexible bristles as opposed to the standard bar bristle which can sometimes be too rough and cause breakage during the backcombing process.

We recommend backcombing with the Backcomb Belle and smoothing with your Belle Brush to give you a smooth finish.



1 x The Belle Brush Original

1 x The Baby Belle

1 x The Belle Backcomb - Free Gift worth €15!!