NAK Signature Quads - Nourish

  • €49,00
  • €71,60

Nourish Shampoo 375ml

Nourishes & protects hair from colour fade for dry, damaged or colour-treated hair.

Nourish Conditioner 375ml

A creamy, luxuriant conditioner designed to nourish and protect hair from colour fade. Returns condition to colour-treated, dry and damaged hair to optimise colour longevity.

Replends Moisture Mask 150ml

A hero moisturising mask designed to rehydrate, soften and detangle hair. Saturates hair with essential humectants to replace lost moisture. Smoothes and shines the cuticle surface for optimum softness and manageability.

Ultimate Potion 150ml

A thirst-quenching styling serum with a light texture, designed to treat and hydrate hair as you style. Humidity resistant ingredients assist to revive curl, control frizz and soften hair for improved styling and manageability. Prevents split ends, provides thermal and UV protection and adds shine.