Nioxin System 3

  • €35,69
  • €43,00

Amplify hair texture and restore moisture balance with the innovative Nioxin 3-part System 3 for Coloured Hair with Light Thinning. This professional hair thickening treatment set for coloured hair contains three products designed to volumise and strengthen hair with light thinning. Nioxin’s 3-part System 3 reduces hair loss due to breakage, while cleaning and refreshing the scalp. This treatment leaves hair thicker, denser-looking and with a vibrant colour. Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo 3: removes sebum and environmental residues from the scalp and hair. Nioxin Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner 3: a lightweight conditioner that helps provide hair resilience and control moisture balance. Nioxin Scalp & Hair Treatment 3: refreshes the scalp and increases hair volume.