Why Is Box Dye Bad For My Hair?

One of the first many questions about box die- Is box dye bad for my hair? 

•Yes! It will dry out your hair and especially when not applied correctly as you will be overlapping previously coloured hair. It will also leave your ends more porous and damaged making it even harder to get an even colour which leads us to the next question… 

Why are my ends always darker than my roots? 

•Majority or people’s hair is somewhat more porous towards the ends. This means your colour will take a lot faster on the ends than the roots making them darker. 

Why is my hair always darker than the colour I have chosen? (The most popular question when it comes to home dyes) 

•Depths, shades and tones are completely different to what you may think. 

For example: Dark brown on a professional shade chart is actually nearly black. Dark blonde on a professional chart is actually what you would call a light brown. This is why your colour never comes out as you think it will. Best to leave the colour choice to professionals… 

Does box dye last longer than salon dye? 

•Definitely not! If it did we would use it in the salon and plus it would be cheaper for us! But it doesn’t last longer than salon dye hence why we don’t use it and why it’s so cheap! 

•We can mix the the right strength, colour and tone to suit your hair type. We can apply colour correctly and evenly ensuring the colour is balanced and there is even coverage, which leads us on to grey coverage… 

The all important grey coverage 

•Root glow- something most people with greys will probably have experienced at some stage if home dying your greys. It can happen when the wrong dept and tone is used causing the roots to be lighter then the rest of your hair. 

•Colour takes differently on different hair types and you can’t control or mix the right colour or peroxide when using box dyes. 

•Colour selection is so important to ensure even grey coverage. Wrong tone or too much tone in a colour will cling to greys leaving a patchy, glowing result. 

Can I dye my blonde hair brown at home? 

•ABSOLUTELY NOT! You don’t know how porous, weak or damaged your hair is. This can leave your hair a LOT darker than anticipated. 

•If the correct tone isn’t used on the hair it will go green in colour! And no one wants green hair. 

Can I bleach my hair with bleach box dye? 

An absolute NO NO! This bleach bought in shops is the STRONGEST possible bleach! Rarely does anyone need the highest possible strength in bleach! 

•You do not know what lies beneath your hair between water, chemicals, old colours and general build up. Also application is key when applying bleach and you need to be able to see all parts of the hair when it is processing. 

•The condition of your hair is the most important factor! You do not know how porous or how damaged your own hair is which is so dangerous when bleaching as it could snap so easily! 

•Most likely you will bring to surface all unwanted tones and don’t be surprised when your left with orange hair. 

•Do not bleach over previously bleached hair! This is a tricky one even for professionals and we have the use of Olaplex etc so do not chance it… your blonde locks won’t look so nice on the floor! This is just a recipe for disaster. 

Can I lighten my box dyed hair? 

Not on the first go. It will take many times depending on the condition and strength and how much we can push your hair. 

•Colour will not lift colour so bleach is really the only option. 

•There are so many chemicals and metals in box dies leaving it likely for a chemical reaction to occur when lightening hair. 

Can I come to the salon if I have had a disaster with box dye? 

Absolutely! However… You most likely won’t be able to completely change the colour however we have the best products and treatments available and can decide on the best plan forward to set you on your way to your new healthier hair. 

Box dyes are made to cover ALL HAIR TYPES this is not ideal when your hair does not need that strength in colour or peroxide. It will weaken and damage the hair which is completely unnecessary when there are so many professionals who are only dying to do your hair and convert you from box dyes! You can’t relax at home like you can in the salon or get it blowdried to last you longer! (Not to mind the treats we have with your teas and coffees!) so TREAT YOURSELF YOU DESERVE IT! 

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