Purple Shampoo : Myths vs Reality

Myth: Purple Shampoo Will Lighten My Hair

Reality: Nope! Purple shampoo does not contain ingredients in it to chemically lighten the colour of your hair, and if anything can make it slightly darker. However, it does give the illusion of brightness as it cancels out brassy or yellow tones in the hair.


Why we think purple shampoo lightens our hair is because of an effect called ‘bluing’.  Our eyes associate yellow colours as being undesirable and less fresh.  When a cool tone is introduced, we automatically think of that as brighter and more desirable, when in fact, technically it is darker.


Myth: I Use Purple Shampoo for Every Wash to Keep My Blonde Looking Fresh

Reality: if you use this for every wash the purple pigments will build up in your hair to create a dull and darker look, combine this with limescale (if you have it in your water) and you are doing more damage than good


Myth:  Purple Shampoo Is Only for Blonde Hair

Reality: Brunettes or Balayage colour hair can benefit from purple shampoo just as a blondes can, the colour theory remains the same that it will cancel out any warm brassy tones in the hair.


Myth:  Purple Shampoo Can be Used on My Hair Extensions

Reality:  Yes…and no?  Yes, purple shampoo can be used on hair extensions to cancel out brassiness, but sparingly and applied in the correct way.  Hair extensions are very porous due to the chemical process they have gone through, which allows the purple pigment to deposit fast and grab to the hair.  If left on too long, it will stain the extensions and will be nearly impossible to remove. 

The best way we would recommend using purple shampoo with hair extensions is to dilute them with your regular shampoo or even better to use a purple conditioner or treatment which will help with hydration and level out the porosity.



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