What are InvisBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are ready to wear hair extensions that transform your look in minutes and are easily attached to your hair using just a clip. They can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair to create length or add volume.
How long do they take to put in?

Minutes! That is why we love them, they are simple to apply, and anyone can do this themselves at home.


What type of hair is used in the InvisBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Our own brand of Belle Hair is used in our clip-in hair extensions which is 100% Human Hair and so can be washed, blow-dried and heat styled.
How long do my InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions last?

The lifespan of your clip-in hair extensions depends on the aftercare and maintenance.

Hair extensions are a raw material and are a natural consumable product. They will deteriorate naturally over time with wear. Each pack of hair will never truly have identical characteristics and the lifespan of the hair will vary depending on colour and how it is maintained.

How do I maintain my InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions?


Before wearing, washing, drying or heat styling your hair extensions always make sure your clip-in hair extensions are knot free. Using the wrong brush can cause the hair extensions to shed as the harsh bristles can cause the hair to become loose. We always recommend using the Original Belle Brush for this as it has a mix of nylon and boar bristles to allow it to gently glide through the extensions without pulling or tugging.


To ensure the longevity of your InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions always use professional products on them. A sulphate and paraben free shampoo and a moisturising conditioner is best.


We recommend blow-drying your hair extensions rather then allowing them to air dry as this will give them a smoother finish for styling. A barrel brush such as The Belle Blowdry Brushes gives a professional salon result. Always use a heat protectant before applying heat to the extensions


You can use heated styling tools on your InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions, but we recommend the highest heat you use is 190 degrees. Always use a heat protectant .


To keep your hair extensions hydrated and soft use a serum or oil on them regularly.

Can I sleep with my clip in extensions in?

No. We do not recommend sleeping with your clip in hair extensions as it will cause damage to your hair. As the extensions are applied to your hair using just a clip, when you toss and turn in your sleep this will put tension on the extensions which may cause your hair to become weakened and break.

What lengths of hair extensions do you offer?

InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions come in a range of lengths from 14’’ to 22’’, however not all our products are available in all lengths. Please refer to the product pages for more information.

How many packs do I need?

This will depend on your natural hair length, type of hair and your desired result. Sometimes those with thicker hair who want to achieve length will need two sets, but everyone is different. If you need help deciding contact us with a photo of your hair and we will be able to advise.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Yes, they can be coloured or toned darker as they are real human hair, but extensions can take quicker to colour as they have already been through a chemical process. Extensions cannot be lightened.

Purple shampoos or coloured masks can be used on the extensions also but as mentioned above, extensions will take quicker to these products as they have already been through a chemical process.

Any colouring of the hair extensions is done entirely at your own risk. We will not accept any liability for hair extensions that have been coloured or tinted.

Why have my extensions turned a pink, orange colour?

Usually this affects those with blonde or lighter extensions and happens when the extensions have come in contact with suncream. It causes a chemical reaction with the hair extensions and changes them to a pink, orange colour. Unfortunately, this colour change is irreversible, so prevention is key.

Other factors which can cause discolouration in your hair extensions can be limescale or iron in your water, UV rays, chlorine, excessive heat and fake tan.

What is the difference in the sets of InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions?

All of our InvisiBelle Clip-In Hair Extensions are discreet in the hair due to their lightweight band.

The Side Fillers Clip-Ins – Our InvisiBelle Side Filler Clip-Ins are perfect to add volume to the front of the hair to fill it out where it is naturally finest or broken. This set contains two two-clip wefts of hair and two one-clip wefts of hair. Our Side Fillers come in 14’’ or 18’’and are 30g .

The Volume Booster Clip-Ins – Our Volume Booster Clip Ins are perfect to enhance your own natural hair for a fuller and thicker look in seconds. This set contains one five-clip weft to add thickness at the back and two one-clip wefts to fill out the sides of your hair. Our Volume Booster Clip-Ins come in 18’’ and are 70g.

The Glamour Clips Ins – Our Glamour Clip Ins are perfect to add length and volume to the hair giving an overall luxurious look. This set contains seven wefts, one four-clip wefts, two three-clip wefts, two two-clip wefts and two one-clip wefts. Our Glamour Clip-Ins come in 22’’ and are 100g.

The Belle Ponytail Clip Ins – Our Belle Ponytail Clip-In is an extremely wearable piece as it is so easy to apply. As like all of our extensions it can be styled in so many ways as well as a ponytail, such as a braid, bun or in a half up, half down hairstyle. This set is a one-piece clip which is secured in the hair with a Velcro wrap. Our Belle Ponytail comes in 18’’ and 22’’ and is 100g.


How do I know what colour will match my hair?

Our hair experts are here to help! Its super easy, just follow these steps and send them to our Colour Match Experts and we will recommend your perfect shade.

Take a photo showing all of your hair from the back
Ensure your hair is down and the ends of your hair are visible
Go for a head-shoulder photo instead of close up
So, we can get an accurate match, please send a picture taken outside, in natural sunlight (but not direct)
Avoid using filters / edited pictures

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